The Dress I’ve Worn to Just About Everything

Free People Sundown Baby Doll Dress 1


Free People Sundown Babydoll Dress in Orange Combo

Free People Sundown Baby Doll Dress

Dress: Free People ‘Sundown’ Babydoll Dress (on sale) HERE! (more colors available) HERE!

*Please note the back is different in real life than the image shown on  Actual back looks like the image on



About the Look

I bought this dress a little less than a month ago and in that time have worn it to just about everything.  To name a few I’ve worn it to a rehearsal dinner, a birthday party, work, out with friends, on a date, and obviously frolicking around the fields of Griffith Park as seen above.

If you are in need of the perfect summer dress this ‘Sundown’ Babydoll Dress by Free People is the one.  Its super comfortable and can be easily dressed up with a pair of booties, or worn casually with sandals.  I love the slight 90’s vibe of the cut and pattern.

I was recently joking with friends about how people can have cartoon outfits.  Someones “cartoon outfit” is what you picture them in without thinking, and the outfit that would be hung up in their closet on repeat if they were a cartoon (think Doug Funnie).  This dress is quickly becoming my new cartoon outfit (which I am totally OK with) because if you have seen me in the last month there’s about a 90% chance I was wearing it.


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