Summer Isn’t Over Just Yet

Genetic Denim Stevie Rigid Short in Vicious

Shoot with photorapher Eli Nichol feat. Genetic Stevie Rigid Short in Vicious

Shoot with Eli Nichol feturing Genetic Denim

Look back at it

Jorts: Genetic Los Angeles ‘Stevie Rigid Short’ in Vicious HERE 





I know Labor Day weekend is coming up and summer is on the way out, but it’s still blazing hot here in SoCal (and most likely will be through September) so I figured I’m going to milk a few more warm weather posts while I can.

Featured in these photos are some amazing jorts from Genetic Los Angeles.  I am obsessed with Genetic jeans so I decided to give a pair of their shorts a try, and they DID NOT disappoint.

For starters just like their full length denim, these shorts are suuuuper comfortable and soft.

Second and most importantly they are flattering on the butt.  Sometimes my butt tends to get lost in shorts, as my little sister calls it “the bell effect”.  This is when the shorts or skirt you are wearing looks like the dome of a bell floating around your body, and you know your body is somewhere inside (like the ringer part) but you cant really see it….  Anyway these shorts actually flatter so A+ in my book.

Lastly the length is perfect, not too short, not too long, and they don’t ride up.

Perfect for chilling on Los Angeles rooftops…


    1. Thank you Mikela! Photographer is Eli Nichol 🙂 you can find a link to his page clicking on his name below the photos in the full post. I am lucky to get to model as my job, but when I have time I do love shooting specifically for the blog and with friends 🙂


  1. As you know, I’m a fan. I appreciate the hard work and everything you share here. I hope you don’t mind that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award – an award dedicated to new bloggers who don’t have thousands of followers. (Since I’ve been having trouble finding out your follower number, pardon me if you don’t belong to this category.) Head over to to read the particulars. XOXO – zhours

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