DIY Distressed Denim

DIY Distressed Denim Cover Photo

Black distressed denim is selling out faster than cronuts so here’s how you can create the look with a pair you already have.  Major props to vlogger Rachelleea  whose youtube channel has an awesome video reference!

DIY Distressed Denim What You'll Need

What you’ll need:

Used pair of jeans I recommend using a pair you already have or maybe ones you’ve thrifted, just in case you make a mistake or don’t like the way it comes out.  I used a pair of Citizens of Humanity Avedons I’ve had forever and love.  They already have a slight acid wash to them so I figured adding a little distressing would only complete the look.

Scissors: To cut lines in the jeans – Fabric scissors may be helpful for straight lines, but regular ones should do.

Tweezers: To pull horizontal strands in jeans

Ruler: To measure 1 1/2 cm sections, and draw straight lines for cutting

Chalk or Marking Device:  To make where you want distressing – Chalk is probably best so you can see it visibly on the jean and wipe it off easily

DIY Distressed Denim Step 1

Step 1: Make sure you mark where you want the distressed areas to be while your wearing them!  This way the holes will fall on your knee and/or where you want them

DIY Distressed Denim Step 2

Step 2: Draw two  horizontal parallel lines 1 1/2 cm apart (while the jeans are vertical).  (This picture may be deceiving because the jeans are sideways so that you can read the ruler)

Step 3: DIY Distressed DenimStep 3: Cut the horizontal lines trying to cut as straight as possible! I would recommend cutting lines about 2  inches long because the holes will rip further with wear

DIY Distressed Denim

DIY Distressed Denim Step 4Step 4: Pull out the short vertical threads  poking out from the top.  Try not to pull the horizontal threads (you may end up pulling a couple at the top in order find the vertical threads which is OK)

DIY DISTRESSED DENIM TRICKSHolding the piece taut makes it much easier to pull out the vertical threads
Step 5 DIY Distressed Denim

Step 5: You will most likely need at least two 1 1/2 cm sections to get the desired look.  Make a section directly below your 1st section and repeat the same steps.  Depending how distressed you want your jeans to look ou can create more of these sections above and below the original section.

DIY Distressed Denim

DIY Distressed Denim Step 6Step 6: Try the jeans on to make sure you like the amount of distressing before step 7

DIY Distressed Denim 7

Step 7: Washing your jeans will help fully fray the edges you have cut.  Using the method above you will probably be able to wear the jeans without having to wash them first, but once you do it will complete the look.  Air dry, air dry, air dry!

Thanks for reading!


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