3 Tricks to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


1. Make it Fun

Making a resolution doesn’t have to become some daunting task that gives you anxiety…let it be a chance for you to make a list of things you want to do.  Try putting a positive spin on resolutions, for example instead of eat less crap try…cook a new clean meal or make better food choices at the supermarket

girl junk food

Cart with products

 Ta-da! Now you’ve got a fun activity instead of an intimidating diet

Instead of having a resolution be something your fighting, have it be a chance to try something new.  Say a resolution is to exercise more,  make it fun by signing up for a new type of work out class!   A personal fave is Club Pilates if you are in California and looking for something different.

80's bike

Even simple resolutions can be made into something fun.  Resolution: Drink more water?  Get a cool new water bottle to get you amped on guzziling the good stuff.  Im currently eyeing these cool glass ones from Lifefactory

2. Provide Yourself With the Proper Resources 

Help yourself make your resolutions possible by having the tools you need to be successful.  It can even be a fun excuse to do a little shopping.  Resolution: stay more organized? Grab some fun new organizers to make a place for things!

Mirrored Cosmetic Organizer Pottery Barn

The organizer above is one I’ve been crushing on from Pottery Barn, but I have also found some awesome affordable organizers at TJMaxx and Marshall’s. (Warning you may get stuck for way too long deciding which ones to pick)

Whatever your resolution, having the right tools will make it possible to do what you gotta do!

3. Write it Down 

Girl on typewriter jpeg

Writing resolutions down is a great way to remember them and also helps clarify thoughts and solidify goals.  Whether it’s an iphone list, a sticky note, or a massive vision board, writing things down helps reaffirm them.  I read a cute idea from Lauren Conrad saying she writes down her resolution list and puts it in a frame where she’ll see it all the time.

I hope to use these ticks to keep my own resolutions this year… lets see how it goes!  Don’t forget you can always make a resolution whenever you want, doesn’t have to be January 1st!  If you get off track doesn’t mean you cant start again 🙂

Some of my 2015 Resolutions

Cook Something New

Blog More

Stay Organized

Happy New Year!!!


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