#everdaymadewell missaLAnnis

#everydaymadewell Skinny Skinny Jeans Waterfall

Denim: Madewell ‘Skinny Skinny’  HERE

Top: Madewell ‘Offduty Sweatshirt’ HERE

Sweater: Madewell ‘Favorite Cardigan’ (different color) HERE


 #everdaymadewell is all about how your favorite Madewell pieces fit into your everyday life.  My day to day doesn’t always consist of the same thing, but almost everyday includes running around Los Angeles.  Whether its by car, bike, or on foot I’m usually breaking at least a small sweat trying to in multiple places at once, so casual and comfortable have to be part of the equation.  The pieces shown above all fall into those categories…dark skinnies that can go from day to night, ‘offduty sweatshirt’ that matches with just about everything (did I mention its a sweatshirt), shoes I can move in, and a sweater to tie it all together.  That’s my #everydaymadewell 🙂

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