3 Staples For Your Spring Uniform: Feat. The AG Legging Ankle Skinny

AG Legging Ankle Skinny

Grab a great pair of jeans, your favorite striped t-shirt, and leather jacket and you’re basically all set for spring

AG Legging Ankle Skinny - 16 Year Swap Meet Wash

Great Pair of Jeans:  The AG Legging Ankle Skinny – 16 Year Swap Meet Wash

These might just be the jeans I wear all spring long…seems to be the case so far.

I’m really into the wash of these jeans, the color is perfectly light for spring and so is the fabric.

The fit is skinny to super skinny and really comfortable.

If you are petite the jeans may fit more like a regular skinny (not super super tight on the ankle) and will probably fit like a full length jean that you don’t have to hem.  I’ve seen these jeans on a range of heights and sizes and so far everyone looks awesome in them!

Only downside so far is that the inside sides of the knee holes are ripping slightly, but they are distressed jeans…it happens.

AG Legging Ankle Skinny - 16 Year Swap Meet Wash

Favorite T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters – (Updated Version On Sale)

I have a lot of striped shirts but I still can’t seem to get enough…they’re the perfect throw on with anything and go item.

AG Legging Ankle Skinny - 16 Year Swap Meet

Leather Jacket: Rebecca Taylor – (Updated Modified Version on Sale)

My advice for someone who is in the market for a leather jacket is to let it be a splurge item in your wardrobe.  You will end up wearing it all the time so go with something that you really like.  I’m not saying go spend your life savings on a leather jacket, but I would say in your clothing budget let it be one of the items you invest in.  Obviously if you find one you love for a steal more power to ya, but if this is not the case remember its an item you’ll have for years and use almost all year round.

Pair this combo with sneakers or booties and take it from day to night.

AG Legging Ankle Skinny - 16 Year Swap Meet

Perfect for posing around Downtown LA



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