#liveinit 4th of July Outfit Inspiration

Paige Denim #livinit Trudy Button Down top, Edgemont jeans, James Perse Crewneck T-shirt

Just a little bit of Americana outfit inspiration just in time for 4th of July weekend!

What are you up to for the 4th of July?!  Whatever it is, cant go wrong with some red white and blue, a good pair of jeans (or jorts), and a flannel!

I’m in love with this flannel from Paige.  First of all the fabric is one of the softest I have ever felt, it is beyond comfortable, and the perfect weight.  I’m especially in love with this one because of the red white and blue theme, three colors that look really great on everyone!

Paige Denim uses the popular hashtag #liveinit to allow users to show how they wear their Paige.  I’ve gotta say #liveinit is really spot on with what the brand stands for!  Their jeans are extremely comfortable and versatile, and have incredible recovery (meaning they keep their shape and don’t stretch out like crazy).  Paige’s tops have amazing fits with cool and comfortable fabrics that can easily be worn day and night… totally live-in-able!

…and perfect for posing around back alley ways like a stoop kid 🙂

#liveinit Paige Denim feat. Trudy Button Down Top and Edgemont Jeans

#liveinit fireescape shot, black and white photo

#liveinit Paige Denim Trudy Flannel and Paige Edgemont outfit inspo

Flannel: Paige Denim

T-Shirt: James Perse 

Denim: Paige Edgemont (Updated version)

Shoes: Converse 



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