The ACforAG Alexa Chung Fall 2015 Collection has Launched! 

ACforAG Fall 15 Collection Kety  Skirt and A sweatshirt

Today is the day party people!!! The ACforAG (Alexa Chung for Adriano Goldschmied) Fall 2015 Collection is live in the US!  I don’t know how they did it, but this line is even better than the amazing spring collaboration.  Some of the absolute favorites from spring are back with a twist!  The Kety skirt shown above is back, but this time in a darker wash for fall/winter with more of a contrast stitch.  Still the same mini A-line shape, but the fabric seems to have a little more stretch this time around which will be prefect for putting it over tights this winter.  It’s also available in a dark navy cord…drooling.  The Pixie (button down denim dress) is also back, but this time in a navy cord (I know I’m dying with excitement as well).

The pieces I’ve had the chance to check out so far in my mirror selfie photo-shoot are fantastic!  They are all unique and the quality is excellent.  The one piece I was hesitant about at first was the Laura Vest, but after slipping it on all of my questions (and prayers) were answered… it is everything Alexa Chung… perfect fit, perfect cut, perfect fabric and effortlessly completed the outfit!

Check out the full line HERE and if you love something I would recommend going for it right away, if Fall is anything like Spring pieces will sell out fast!!

Would love to hear which pieces from the collaboration are your favorites and please feel free to ask if you have any questions about fit!

ACforAG Fall 2015 Collection Alexa Chung T Shirt and Vest

ACforAG Fall 2015 Collection Alexa Chung for Adriano Goldschmied Vest, Screen Tee, Ankle Jeans

ACforAG Fall 15 Collection Midi Denim Skirt and Alexa Tshirt

A Sweatshirt: The Scarlet 

T-shirt: The Selfie T

Vest: The Laura Vest

High Waisted Straight Leg Crop: The Sabine in 10 Years Well Worn 

Short Skirt: The Kety in Lonestar

Midi Skirt: The Cool Denim Skirt 


      1. You have many great looks I see. I’m very appreciative of them. London FW next, then perhaps Paris again in March. Thanks for looking.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Totally true, in my dreams I own it all…for now you see me rocking it from the dressing room lol. I think i’m going to pick one piece I really love and can wear over and over and mix and match…trouble will be deciding which one lol


      2. Hihi yeah but that’s pretty cool that you show us the looks from the dressing room!😊 yeah decision is gonna be though.. But they’re all pretty classy pieces so you can keep it for a lifetime then. So just see it as a good investment 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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