Sweater Weather – Fun Fall Q&A

Sweater Weather Photo - Anthropologie Sweater Coat - Genetic Denim Shya Odyssey, Adidas All Star Shell Toes
Happy first day of October everyone!  Even though its around 80+ degrees here in Los Angeles, i’m feeling the Fall spirit :).  Australian blogger babe Hannah of They Say She Was a Flower Child tagged me as part of her Sweater Weather post, so I figured today was the perfect day to share my answers to these fun Fall questions.  The rules of the tag are simple, answer all the sweater weather questions, then tag bloggers to follow suit.  If you get a chance, check out Hannah’s blog, she’s always posting amazing style inspiration photos.

1. What is your favorite candle flavor? I’m pretty weirdly/dramatically sensitive to smell, so generally I don’t love scented candles…buttttt my sister recently bought a Pumpkin Butter Candle from Wood Wick for our place and I really like it!  It adds the perfect touch of Fall home scent without being overpowering.
2. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?  All the above…but the Fall season definitely gets me in the mood for hot chai tea lattes.
3. What is the best Autumn memory you have?  I went to college in Western Massachusetts which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful places to see the Fall foliage.  Just walking around campus with friends while the leaves were changing (before the freezing weather came) totally enjoying being a college student, is one of my favorite Autumn memories.  I feel very lucky to have had that opportunity.
4. Which fall trend do you prefer – dark lips or winged eyeliner?  While I love dark lipstick… it tends to instantly turn me into a very Halloween witch looking being.  I also just love the look of winged liner done right, so eyeliner for the win on this one.  Guess I just realized some Fall goals…1 find a dark lip color I love, 2 learn how to do a winged liner look!
5. What is your most worn sweater?  A super soft grey slouchy one from Trouvé with a wide neck that you can wear off the shoulder if you want.  It’s no longer available, but I found a really similar looking one here 
6. Your must-have polish for Autumn?  Oooo probably a dark oxblood red like Chanel’s Rouge Noir or a matte finish blue black!  I just got a two toned mani i’m obseesed with though which may be a new favorite!  Check out my instagram tomorrow I’ll be posting a pic of the manicure there!
7. Skinny jeans or leggings?  I think you can guess my answer to this one…#denim4ever
8. Combat boots or Uggs?  Combat boots.
9. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?  Weirdly enough as much as I love sweet treats I just really don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I do however love pumpkin cream cheese muffins!  Hopefully I can share my easy dressed up box recipe with you all this Fall!
10. What is your favorite fall premiering show?  Mindy Project, Mindy Project, Mindy Project.
 11. Halloween, yay or nay?  Yes to treats no to tricks
 12. Autumn mornings or Autumn evenings?  Mmmm mornings…makes me think of that crisp air, smell of falling leaves, and drinking something hot
13. What do you think about Black Friday?  Great idea, but I’ve just never really gotten super into it
14. What is an Autumn 2015 trend you are loving?  High rise ankle flares + fringed jackets + leather/suede skirts
15. Your favorite pie? That’s hard….maybe a baked peach crumble, I think I’m more of a crumble fan
 Tagging some cool peeps here if you feel like sharing 🙂
Sweater Weather Photo - Anthropologie Sweater Coat - Genetic Denim Shya Odyssey, Adidas All Star Shell Toes
 I would love to read some of your Fall favorites!  Pick your favorite question(s) and share your answer’s in comments! xx


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