Birthday! Engagement! Disney! Highlight Reel From My Unbelievable November

Hello Party People!

I apologize for not posting for almost a month, but I am so excited to fill you in on what’s been going on!  If you follow me on instagram you may already know, but November was full of so many special occasions! 


The 10th was my birthday and I had a stellar day!  I started the day at Club Pilates then spent the afternoon on Abbott Kinney, a great little street to shop, eat, and hang out around Venice.  My main reason for heading that way was to get my haircut at Trim.  Getting a haircut on my b-day has sort of become a little tradition for me, in a silly way it feels like a fresh start for a new year, and then you have fab hair for the day (or next few days for all of us that don’t wash our hair every day…sorry i’m not sorry).

After the haircut my sister Diana and I stopped at Gjusta where I had a super yummy chai latte and she gifted me the prettiest flower!  They have buckets of super unique flowers that they sell inside the restaurant.

Later that evening Diana my boyfriend Karl and I went downtown to one of my favorite restaurants Baco Mercat…YUM.. you have got to go and get the Hamachi Crudo it rocks!  The night didn’t end there… after dinner we did gifts and I was officially spoiled rotten!

Sooo what I was expecting to be a low key birthday (totally cool with me) turned into the spoil Alanna show and I feel so so so so grateful 🙂

LA Street Style


Gjusta Chai Latte


Speaking of unexpected amazing days…two days after my birthday on Nov. 12th Karl proposed!!  It couldn’t have been a more perfect night.  To keep a long story short I was going to his place for what I thought was a low key pizza movie night… so I was totally surprised when he got down on one knee and popped the question!  After basking in the moment and face-timing family, Karl said he wanted to go to the bar where we first met to grab a celebratory drink.  We walked into the bar and I was surprised yet again when we were greeted with champagne by a group of our good friends!  Que the T-swift song “Today Was a Fairytale”… I also had no idea that Karl had flown to Boston months before to ask my parents!  For those of you who don’t know him he’s incredible.  Last but not least my ring is literally the most perfect ring ever!  Its been a really exciting time and the love and support from friends and family has been amazing!  We are still on an engagement cloud of excitement but I hope to keep you all posted here as we start the process of planing our wedding.

Engagement Photo

The rest of the month was filled with a fantastic trip to Ohio for an early Thanksgiving with Karl’s family where we had the chance to celebrate yet again!   For actual Thanksgiving day we went to Disney Land!  I know at this point I am annoyingly gushing but I feel so lucky to have had such an amazing month!  Thanks for letting me share highlights with you all!

Disneyland pic



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