What to buy your dude for V-Day and 3 major shopping rules

valentines day gift guide for him

Valentines Day is sneaking up on ya quick and guys aren’t always the easiest to shop for… I’ve got you covered with a guide of gifts he’ll be stoked to unwrap, and some important shopping do’s and don’ts !

  1. BirchBox Man
  2. J. Crew Lambswool Scarf
  3. Herschel ‘Novel’ Duffle Bag
  4. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffe/Latte Maker 
  5. Converse Chuck II (added support!)
  6. Paige Baxter Jogger

Plan or don’t plan ahead of time:  The nice thing about Valentines day is its a holiday that is totally directed by the people celebrating.  I would recommend having a conversation about how you want to spend the day before it rolls around.  If you are both really busy, have a chat beforehand that you want to keep it low key and celebrate by buying sale chocolate in bulk the next day.  If you would love to take the day as an excuse to plan a much needed date night, go as big as you want!

Decide on gift budget:  Unlike other holidays where you might have a general idea on what you both plan to spend, Valentines Day is once again what you make it.  Have a chat before-hand on the type of gifts you’re thinking about getting each other, or if you even want to do gifts at all.

Pick something they wouldn’t buy for themselves:  This rule can really be applied to gift giving in general.  When picking out a gift, treat the person you’re shopping for to something they would want, but probably wouldn’t purchase on their own.  A birch box subscription, latte maker, and joggers are great alternatives to old spice, a coffee mate coffee maker, and the usual pair of everyday jeans!

I would love to hear your suggestions for great Valentines Day gifts in the comments!  Love to you all xx!


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