Girls Trip Guide To Vegas

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Last week I was in Las Vegas for work and it made me superrrr nostalgic about a girls trip I had taken with some of my best friends from college last year…We had an absolute blast and since we left I’ve been meaning to create this guide of where to stay and what to do!  Whether you’re planning a  bachelorette party, girls getaway, or just need to get out of town heres an insiders guide to an amazing stay!

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Where we stayed: MGM Signature… I feel like the signature is the dark horse of Vegas hotels…its super clean and you can usually find great deals on rooms.  The Signature is awesome for group trips because they have a pull out couch in almost every room.  Each room also has a kitchenette which is a rare find in Vegas and having a fridge is clutch!  It is also connected to the MGM Grand so you have access to that pool and LAZY RIVERRRRR


Where we ate:

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Hash House A Go Go:  Located in the LINQ hotel – there is a wait but amazing for brunch – portions are enormous- get the chicken a waffles – split with someone

Crush:  Located in the MGM Grand (Casino Area) tasty small plates tapas style vibe with creative cocktails, we went for our friends birthday dinner before heading to Hakkasan (also in the MGM grand)

Michael Mina Pub 1842: Located in the MGM grand super convenient and casual, was perfect for when all came back from the dayclub ready to eat our own arms

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetCabo Wabo:  Located at Planet Hollywood, it was the perfect fun/silly dinner destination for tacos and pitchers of margaritas before conveniently walking over to the Britney Spears show (also at Planet Hollywood)

MGM Food Court:  If you are staying at the Signiture or MGM Grand convenient mix of Mcdonalds, Pizza, Ice Cream, Chicken Fingers – definitely not a place to seek out if you are not close by -but convenient if you need a quick bite post pool or flight


What we did:

BRITNEY BRITNEY BRITNEY Need I say more?  This is a Vegas girls trip must!  No matter where your seats are you will have an absolute blast from the past!

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Pool Time:  We all needed to get some sun so we spent our first day in Vegas by the MGM pool  (which you can walk to through The Signature).  I would totally recommend grabbing Starbucks and heading down earlyish so you can grab seats along the lazy river.  We had so much fun sipping drinks poolside and watching all the people float by.

Nightlife:  On Friday night we went to Hakkasan the club connected to the MGM and Saturday night we went to XS at the Encore after Britney.  Sunday daytime we went to the Encore Beach Club.  I definitely recommend pre-gaming because the up-charge on drinks at da club is major.

Casino:  We played games at a couple casinos but our favorite was at Harrahs none of us are serious gamblers so it was a fun place to play low stakes.  It’s also right next to the LINQ hotel (where Hash House A Go Go is)  So we were able to walk over after brunch during a rainy afternoon.

Walking The Strip:  There are so many different hotels down the strip its a fun activity day or night to walk around and explore!  I definitely recommend wearing comfortable shoes when you do this though as the distances are a longer than they look!

Tips and Tricks:

Promoters:  Help promoters help you especially if you are with a group of all girls.  A simple social media search of insta hashtags such as #vegaspromoter #(name of club you are going to) will bring up a bunch of promoters accounts.  Many of them have their work numbers posted so you can text saying where you want to go and how many people to get free admission to the club.  Generally once you text them they will confirm you are on the list and you’re good to go you just give your name when you get there.  Sometimes when you are on a certain list you may have limited access to what parts of the club you can go to (for example when we went to XS we were in what I like to call the “outdoor cats only section”) but it was nice out and the list we were on came with two free drink tickets each so we were happy.

Mini Map:  To make it easier to see whats close to what and help you navigate while you are there I recommend screen-shotting a  simple hotel map of the strip.

Walgreens:  Because everything is so expensive in Vegas, especially drinks, I recommend making a stop at drug store at the beginning of your trip to load up on some essentials you will need…water, drink supplies, snacks, cups etc.  If you are staying at The Signature and feel like taking a walk or quick uber tide there is a Walgreens not to far from there.  I would only walk in the day time with other people though because the walk is not directly on the strip, uber or cab at night.

Water + Chapstick:  Vegas is suppperr dry make sure you have and drink plenty of water and pack a chapstick!

Easy on the clapping:  I guess my go to move in Vegas was clapping because I literally left the trip with cuts on my hands from “overclapping”.  It’s super dry in vegas so even though I’m almost positive I’m the only person this has ever happened to… clap with caution.

Vegas is a bazar fun place, you’ve just gotta embrace the ridiculousness of it while your there!  Would love to hear some of your Vegas favorites tips and tricks in the comments!

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