Stop Cheating Yourself With This Major Shopping Mistake: Take The #TwoSizeChallenge

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Lets take a second and do some shopping self reflection…raise your hand if you are guilty of any of the following ūüôč…

-You never take more than one size of an item into a dressing room

-You’ve been wearing the same size jeans for the past 3 years and have not tried on a different size in that time period¬†

-You walk into a store…see a great piece…but don’t bother trying on if they don’t have “your size”

If you said yes to any or all of the above you may be cheating yourself with the ¬†“my size mantra”. ¬†When we have it in our minds that we are only one size, we loose sight of the fact that something may have a completely different (even better) look in an alternate size.

Look at blogger queen Sincerely Jules, girl is teeny tiny, but will buy things in whatever size depending on how she wants it to fall.  A lot of the time she will size up to get that cozy oversized look she rocks oh-so well.

Sure there are instances where some of you do always have to get the smallest size etc. but for the most part there is some wiggle room…literally. ¬†From store to store, brand to brand, every cut is NOT the same. ¬†An extra-small in one brand could be the equivalent of a medium in another, and the same goes for waist sizes. ¬†Even if both jeans from two separate brands are labeled size 29, they can fit very differently.

So here’s the #TwoSizeChallenge¬†for the next shopping excursion!

Take two sizes of an item into the dressing room with you no matter what!  Put both of them on even if you think the first size is a perfect fit.

For jeans try a size down, you want them to feel snug! ¬†Not to the point of pain, but so that when they give a little they will keep their shape…no more saggy butt jeansūüôÖ! ¬†And don’t feel bad if the size down doesn’t work! ¬†Thats not what this is about…feel proud that you’ve been wearing the right size!

For that top…go up a size…see if you like it as a boyfriend look!

Lastly don’t be afraid to ask for help! ¬†When you try something on…come out of the dressing room…and ask for the sales associate’s opinion. ¬†For some of us this can feel weird but trust me, they are super familiar with the product and see people try on all the time. ¬†They might have some awesome insight on what size will look best, or even suggest something else that will look amazing you didn’t even see.

Would love to hear in the comments if you took the #TwoSizeChallenge and how it went!  Feel free to throw up an insta while shopping with the hashtag #TwoSizeChallenge to let the rest of us see all the cute pieces you found!



  1. So, being in London is a bit weird with sizes. Shoes are smaller and clothes are sized larger. I went into the dressing room with all kinds of things sized from a 4 UK(00 US) to a 10UK (6US). I didn’t buy the clothes but shoes! I thought I was one size and tried three sizes and found the perfect fit. The method works for sure! Also, it’s just super fun to have a mini fashion show in front of a mirror…great confidence booster!
    Thanks for the advice!

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